Going for gold! Olympians to train swimmers at Rugby School

Rugby School in Pattaya is investing heavily in its swimming program – and has hired a highly experienced swimming coach and Olympic competitor. The ultimate goal is to have the best swimming program of all the international schools in Asia. “We already have fantastic training facilities, and now we are focusing on building a great […]

When small classes become a big deal

International schools in Thailand may have much lower student-teacher ratios than public schools, but the ratio can still vary widely between schools. Avoiding public schools with large classes, and instead enrolling children in schools where teachers have enough time to pay attention to the needs of every student is one of the major reasons for […]

Contradictory laws regarding schools duty to publish fees

While most international schools in Thailand publish their fees online, some still refuse to. Thai regulation is contradictory and somewhat vague about schools’ obligations in this. Losers are families trying to choose a school for their children. As part of our research TIS Monitor has visited the websites of close to 120 Thai international schools […]

When size matters: Looking at Thailand’s largest intl’ schools

According to official figures obtained by TIS Monitor, Bangkok Patana has the most students of any international school in Thailand, with second place going to St Andrews NAE Sukhumvit 71. Some families deliberately choose to enroll their children in large schools with high numbers of students. A larger school usually means a wider selection of […]

Successful handling of the coronavirus could open new opportunities

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause loss of life and disruption around the world. Despite the ongoing vaccination campaigns, new lockdowns and restrictions are being introduced in many countries, complicating peoples lives and creating a lot of stress. While some see the vaccine as a beginning of the end of the pandemic, it could still […]