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Thailand International School Monitor is aiming at becoming  the leading resource and news site for families seeking clear and reliable information from and about international schools in Thailand. We are happy to provide a wide range of advertising opportunities for schools and others who wish to use our site as a platform.


Banners follow industry standard sizes and are sold by duration or impressions.


Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 pixels

Leaderboard 728 x 90 pixels

Wide Skyscraper 160 × 600 pixels


Mobile Leaderboard 320 × 50 pixels

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Under ”Your School” in the Main Menu, all schools covered by Thailand International School Monitor have their own dedicated page, which contains all news items about that school. On this page, a school is able to include a fact box with associated links, plus an introductory video of around two to five minutes in length. The fact box is standardised in style and size for all schools, and space for both these and videos is sold by the duration of inclusion on the school page – usually by month or year.


An advertorial is an advertisement in the form of editorial content. With an advertorial, a school can present itself in the form of a written article. At Thailand International School Monitor, the advertorials appear after news articles as the reader scrolls down the page, and can also appear on each dedicated school page under ”Your School” on the main menu. Advertorials are sold by impressions when placed after news articles, and by duration when placed on the school’s dedicated page.


At the bottom of the Home Page of Thailand International School Monitor, a rectangular space is dedicated for school logos that link users to each school’s own external site. This space is sold by duration.

To advertise with Thailand International School Monitor, please contact: