More international schools open while others expand as sector keeps on growing

The international school sector in Thailand is growing as more and more schools open. This should be a welcoming development for families as it gives them more options. Thailand continues to develop as a prime destination for international education. There are already hundreds of international schools in the country, in various price ranges, and more […]

Regulatory body admits to lax view on high profits at international schools

Despite being empowered to curb high profits at international schools in Thailand, the regulatory body admits to relying on ”market mechanisms” instead. The liberalization of regulation of international schools in Thailand over the last 15 years has seen net profit margins soar at some schools. An investigation published in May 2021 by TIS Monitor showed […]

New Bangkok school aims high, attracts children from 36 countries

A new, mid-priced international school in central Bangkok has managed to create a truly international environment, with almost half the children being foreign. ”This is an important aspect of an international school,” says David Figes, principal. What makes an international school international? The curriculum and the language of instruction are perhaps the most important aspects. […]

Great last-minute deals on offer for families looking for places at international schools

Some International schools in Thailand are offering parents big discounts for last-minute enrollments of their children. Waived start-up fees, reduced tuition fees and scholarships are on offer. TIS Monitor has looked through websites and social media accounts of more than 150 international schools in Thailand offering at least six years of education at the primary […]

Tighter regulations on international schools in China could create an opportunity for Thailand

International private schools are reconsidering their presence in China as authorities tighten restrictions on foreign influence in the education system. This opens an opportunity for Thailand to attract more foreign students – and establish itself as a destination for great international education. The newspaper Financial Times has in a number of articles recently reported on […]

A very successful first year – and much more is to come

  TIS Monitor has in a very short time become the go-to source for international families interested in international education in Thailand. Soon we will roll out even more features to enhance our service to both schools and families. One year ago, TIS Monitor launched the first independent news and resource website analyzing the growing […]

Private schools at risk of mass closures – but international schools still endure

  Many Thai private schools are at risk of shutting down permanently in wake of the ongoing Covid-crisis. To date no international school covered by TIS Monitor is among them.  Official Thai government sources report that about 70 private schools of any kind in Thailand have closed down during the past nine months, and another 1,000 are […]

Father sued by international school after protesting fee-hike

A well-known international school in Bangkok took a parent to court after a dispute over a fee hike. ”Don’t be scared of going to court if you have an issue with your school,” the parent says, after having reached a settlement with the school. Many international schools in Thailand have no limits to how much […]