Phuket-school among first to offer tuition fee discounts during Covid-closure

HeadStart International School in Phuket will start offering discounts on tuition fees during the ongoing session of online learning. For the youngest children, the discount will be 40%. When Covid-19 first struck early last year and international schools in Thailand turned to online learning, many schools quickly offered discounts on tuition fees as the children […]

Many international schools reaping huge profits, investigation shows

International schools in Bangkok are generating a healthy profit, with some generating profits equal to more than 50% of their revenue. This information comes from the first data-driven and independent analysis of the industry, based on information from several authorities. For almost a year, staff at TIS Monitor have been collecting data from various Thai […]

Dual pricing at international schools legal, experts say

According to several legal experts interviewed by TIS Monitor, international schools in Thailand are allowed to give fee discounts based on nationality and to charge foreign nationals less than Thais.  Many international schools in Thailand face a challenge creating an international environment on campus, with the desired mix of students from different countries being hard […]