Great last-minute deals on offer for families looking for places at international schools

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Some International schools in Thailand are offering parents big discounts for last-minute enrollments of their children.
Waived start-up fees, reduced tuition fees and scholarships are on offer.

TIS Monitor has looked through websites and social media accounts of more than 150 international schools in Thailand offering at least six years of education at the primary or secondary level in English.

With the start of school in August or early September fast approaching, some schools are offering large discounts to attract families and to fill up the last remaining seats.

The reduction in costs for families comes in different forms. Here are some of the deals on offer.


Screenshot from BASIS’ fee schedule.

BASIS International School, located in the Western part of Bangkok, has waived its Technology / Capital improvement fee for the coming school year. According to the fee schedule on the school’s website, this 22,000 baht fee will instead be charged per year starting 2023/24.


Screenshot from Berkeley International School’s website.

Berkeley International School, located in the BangNa district of Bangkok, is offering up to a 50% reduction in tuition and registration fees for international families if certain conditions are met, as noted on their website. The school’s registation fee is currently 200,000 baht, and tuition costs appr. 615,000 to 724,000 baht per year for grades 1 to 12.

”If you are eligible for this discount, there is a substantial amount of money to save,” says Michael Töpffer, editor of TIS Monitor.


Screenshot from KPIS International School’s website.

KPIS International School, located in the Bang Kaen district of Bangkok, is offering a 50% discount on the enrollment fee and a 5000 baht waiver of the registration fee, according to its website. The enrollment fee is currently 100,000 baht, meaning a savings of 50,000 baht is on offer when enrolling. Those interested need to apply before July 27. 


Screenshot from D-PREP’s website.

Didyasarin International School, more commonly known as D-PREP, is offering scholarships and other types of financial support for the upcoming academic year, worth up to 600,000 baht. This is according to a Facebook-post linked to the school’s website. D-PREP is located near Mega BangNa in Bangkok.


Screenshot from ISC’s website.

ISC, International School of Chonburi, is waiving its registration fee of 70,000 baht for years 1 and 2 and offering a 20% discount on the tuition fee, as stated on its website. A full year of tuition for those years normally costs around 320,000 baht. 

International School of Phuket is offering an ”early bird discount” until August 13 with an extra 5% off for monthly and term fees and an additional 5% off per year when paying for the entire year. This information is according to the school’s published fee structure.


Screenshot from Instagram.

On an Instagram post, Thai International School in Phatum Thani shares that it is waiving the admission fee of 120,000 baht for all levels and offering a 3% discount on a full-year tuition payment.


Screenshot from Instagram.

Likewise, St Andrews International School on Sukhumvit 107 is offering 100% reduction on the enrollment fee if applying before the end of July. This is according to a sponsored post on Instagram.


Dragon International School in Nonthaburi is currently offering a 50% reduction on the enrollment fees and a 10% reduction on the tuition fees for the coming school year, according to information sent to TIS Monitor from the school.

”For families searching at the last minute, there are obviously some good deals to be found. It could definitely be worth taking a closer look at these schools and seeing what they can offer in terms of academic performance and campus facilities,” Michael Töpffer concludes.

Note from the editor: Are there other international schools offering discounts on fees for the coming school year? Please contact the editor at:



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