Thailand’s largest schools lagging behind in student-teacher ratios

Despite high fees and well recognized brand names, some of Thailand’s largest international schools are worse than average in terms of their student to teacher ratio. Thailand’s largest international schools pride themselves on the quality of education given at their prestigious establishments. But some of them fall below average when we look at the important […]

When size matters: Looking at Thailand’s largest intl’ schools

According to official figures obtained by TIS Monitor, Bangkok Patana has the most students of any international school in Thailand, with second place going to St Andrews NAE Sukhumvit 71. Some families deliberately choose to enroll their children in large schools with high numbers of students. A larger school usually means a wider selection of […]

Ten more schools plan to open in the Kingdom

The number of international schools in Thailand continues to increase. Applications from ten schools that wish to start operating in the Kingdom are currently being processed. According to figures from the Office of the Private Education Commission (OPEC), part of the Ministry of Education that administers and oversees international schools in Thailand, a total of […]